Climb Triglav – Slovenian highest mountain

Triglav is the highest mountain in Julian Alps and at the same time it is also the highest mountain in Slovenia with the height of 2864 m. Triglav is the center of Triglav’s national park. Triglav’s north wall is one of the biggest walls in Europe. Triglav is also strongly connected with the legend of capricon. In Yugoslavia, Triglav was also the highest summit.

On the top of the Triglav we can find Aljaž’s tower, which was built by Jakob Aljaž, in the year of 1895. Today Aljaž’s tower is protected and categorized as cultural monument which is very important to mantain cultural herritage. Triglav’s summit was first visited in the second half of the 18th century. Four people from Bohinj; L. Korošec, Š. Rožič, M. Kos and L. Willomitzer were the first ones to get on the top of the mountain.

Triglav isn’t just a mountain, but is also the symbol of slovenian nation. On Slovenian flag you can clearly see Triglav’s mountain.

Reasons to climb Triglav:
Beautiful outlook: From the top of Triglav you can get a beautiful view of all closer mountains in Julian Alps and also of summits that are a bit remote, like for example Karavanke, Kamniško Savinjske Alpe, Pohorje and Dolomiti. In clear weather we can even see Adriatic Sea.

Good organized trails: There are more than just one hiking trail. Which one we choose depends of our psychological and physical state. But no matter which one we do choose, they all are insured very well and marked precisely, so there is no fear to get lost.

Easily reachable: The good thing about Triglav is that it is possible to climb and visit in just one day. But this only stands for well-prepared climbers. It is recommended to take the road from valley Krme or valley Vrata.

Just below the top of Triglav, we can find four mountain lodges (Triglav’s lodge on Kredarica, Lodge of Valentin Stanič,Planika lodge and Lodge on Dolič). Trails to them are relatively tehnical easy, but the peak part it requires a lot more of experiences with climbing and a careful step.

Five interesting facts about Triglav:
• The oldest person to reach Triglav was a 92 year old woman who was accompanied by her 72 year old daughter and granddaughter.

• When the weather is nice and warm, during the summer, you can see sheeps around Kredarica.
• Near Triglav you can find gams and capricons.
• Every year there is more and more Slovenians who decide to get married in the chapel on Kredarica.
• Triglav’s lodge received the most recognitions, praises and awards of all mountain lodges.

In Slovenia, there is a saying that if you are a true Slovenian you must visit Triglav at least once in a lifetime. But Triglav isn’t interesting just for Slovenians but also for tourists. Despite of Triglav’s height, the summit is still very popular during all seasons through all year. Between June and September there’s usually no snow at all, but in others months the winter equipment is required, along with appropriate experiences. The most demanding ascents are clearly on the north wall.

In summary, Triglav is a fantastic gem which offers endless opportunities for activities in the nature and it is the main magnet for everyone who is looking for mountain adventures, hidden places, clear rivers, lively waterfalls and quiet places on the fresh air. If you want to experience all of that too, then don’t miss it out and go climb Triglav with us!

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