Hiking in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country which offers you a lot of beautiful places and hiking routes, where you will be able to spend great time and enjoy holidays with a lot of activities. Hiking and climbing have a special place in hearts of slovenians. And now you too have the opportunity to spend an amazing time in our precious country. Through hiking in Slovenia you will be able to get to know our country through beautiful landscape which offers your over 10.000 kilometers of marked routes. Meanwhile, you can also take a short break in one of 175 mountain cottages, you can also stay in hotels or camps.

»The Queen« of Slovenia without a doubt is mountain Triglav which with 2864 m is the tallest mountain in our country. And you know? There is this saying in Slovenia which says that you are not a true Slovenian till you don’t climb the Triglav. Do you want to explore beautiful landscapes, get to know the big legends and feel peaceful and domestic ambience in a mountain cottage? Then hiking in Slovenia is perfect for you!

What places to visit in Slovenia?

  • Julijske Alpe: Even the biggest hikers and climbers will find their own challenge here. But beside exigent routes you can also find easier routes here which will lead you through places where you can admire the beautiful scenery of Triglav’s national park. It is also here where mountain Triglav (2864 m) is located.


  • Karavanke: Peaks of Karavanke draw attention of climbers and hikers that are coming from the valley named Logarska dolina. Routes here are not very exigent but they are very beautiful. Usually people come here for ascent and hiking in Slovenia during the day. The highest peak here is named Stolp, 2236 m. Here you will also get to met the legend of King Matjaž and get to know the history of Golica.


  • Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe: Here the highest peak is called Grintovec with its 2558 m. But beside the high peaks, here the place also offers us the valley named Logarska dolina where you can see a lot of fascinating things, then also valley Jezersko which offers a lot of natural sights. And as if that wasn’t enough, here you can also find mountain Velika planina which is very popular (explained below) and ski sklope Krvavec.


  • Velika planina: Categorized as one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovenia, Velika planina is actually much more than just that. Hiking in Slovenia here is a whole experience. During the summer beside the typical cottages you can also see shepherds who are living in those cottages and are taking care of sheeps and goats.


  • Pohorje: A true natural treasures are waiting for you here. With treasures we refer to secret primeval forests, loud waterfalls and peaceful lakes. All of that you can find on different routes but they all are nice and divine. In winter you also have the opportunity to go skiing because Pohorje is also known for having one of the best ski sklopes in Slovenia.

Advices for secure hiking and climbing:

  1. Make sure to have enough energy.
  2. Make sure to have with you everything needed (equipement etc).
  3. Make sure that your shoes are appropiate.
  4.  Make sure to follow the marked routes, don’t go too far away.
  5. It is necessary to take short breaks time to time.

Do not think any more and come to enter in this paradise between the mountains that hiking in Slovenia offers you. Get to know the beautiful scenery of the mountains and don’t worry, our guides will take care of you so there is no need to fear because of the security. It doesn’t matter which place or route you will choose, everywhere you will go, we can promise you to find natural treasures and amazing sights which you will keep in memory forever!

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